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For the sports enthusiast on
the move

Know all the sports news so that you have bragging rights at the bar or your zoom call. The Podium is your one stop news app to stay on top!

The Podium aggregates sports news from across the world just for you. Get your fix in 10 seconds or less!

The Podium Sports News App
The Podium Sports News App
The Podium Sports News App filter
The Podium Sports News App filter

Your Sports, Your News.

We get it!  For some Roger Federer is the GOAT, for others its Lewis Hamilton. Get the news that you are interested in. 

Prioritise your favourite sports so they come first! Or let our AI/ML enabled app do it for you!

Flip, save and share!

Scroll the news with a simple flip. We gather content from a wide array of sources, so you will have access to the latest news at all times.
Save articles and go through them whenever you please or share it with your sporting bud at the tap of a button.

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